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Patents: A Tool for Technological Intelligence

Technology - admin - December 24, 2017

Patents are the largest source of technical info. Patent are provided to the inventor as a reward for its development in the form of the exclusive right of the syndicate for duration of 20 years from the priority day of the invention. As a result of advancement in the IT market as well as net, currently these valuable papers are in the reach of the general public. Any person experienced in the art can experience various patent data sources and also after a search could get the license record of their need. There are different patent data sources via, USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc openly open for the general public accessibility. If we experience the patents associated with a details technical area, we will certainly be able to find the lots of info about the life process of the technical development viz.

 “The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) exposed that 90% to 95% of all the world’s inventions could be found in trademarked records.” License analysis can exposes really important information’s, which is not available anywhere. After patent search the vital part is the license analysis, and also one have to be very succinct concerning their goal of the research study. The information in the patent documents could be utilized in various kind inning accordance with the demand as well as mapped as necessary to obtain the photo of the whole evaluation in pictures.


Patent data could be utilized for the prep work of technical landscapes. Logistic mathematics and circle moths can be very helpful in the plotting of the technical landscape. It can expose the evolutionary trend of a technology, how it is advanced from a basic modern technology, in addition to the duration of the technical diversification and its nature. These maps will also provide the in-depth summary of the merging of the different modern technologies to generate break-through innovations. These types of maps will be really useful for the R&D personals to review the placement of their study and also technology, and they will discover means to extra introduce advanced and also important innovation.

In the today’s global context firms should know just what innovations competitors could choke conveniently, as well as could be attempting to. They likewise need to recognize the rooms in modern technologies where competitors are intense, and also the areas where competitors are focusing their IP advancement and their R&D initiatives. They need to be able to track license procurement as well as advancement strategies and chart out the affordable landscape. To evaluate modern technology before making any financial investment choice, companies have to know the pace of patenting activity in the modern technology, which patents embody essential suggestions in the technology and also exactly how prone the company’s innovations are to patent infringements. This will certainly provide much required information in choosing in between innovation development and innovation purchase.

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Select the Right Control Technology

Technology - admin - December 22, 2017

Most significant industrialized urban areas in the U.S. are unable to fulfill the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone. Climatic studies have shown that ozone formation is the outcome of a complicated set of chain reactions involving unpredictable natural compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (Knox). Those studies suggest that numerous urban locations with VOC/Knox proportions greater tan 15:1 could minimize ambient ozone degrees just by decreasing Knox exhausts. Several states, as a result, are implementing NOx control guidelines for combustion devices in order to attain conformity with the NAAQS ozone requirement.

This short article discusses the characterization of NOx exhausts from industrial burning gadgets. It after that supplies advice on how to evaluate the applicable NOx control technologies and also select a suitable control technique.


Defining Emissions Many industrial burning devices have not been checked to establish their standard NOx exhaust degrees. Instead, the NOx discharges from these units have actually been just approximated making use of various elements. Taking into account current regulations, nonetheless, it is mandatory that the NOx emissions from affected devices now be recognized with certainty. This will certainly develop each device’s existing compliance standing and enable meaning of fee applicable control technologies for those systems that will require modification to achieve compliance. It is, therefore, crucial to examine each combustion tool to validate its NOx emissions characteristics. The screening process ought to be structured to supply timely as well as necessary information for choosing regarding the applicability of NOx control innovations.

The fundamental technique is to choose one gadget from a course of devices (that is, of very same layout and also dimension) for characterization screening (NOx, CO2, and 02). Checking is carried out at three tons points that represent the typical operating range of the system, with excess oxygen variation screening conducted at each load factor. Figure 1 shows the common characterization test outcomes. The continuing to be devices in the class is evaluated at just one load point, at or near complete load.

The functional data obtained throughout testing, together with the NOx and also CO information, are utilized to specify the compliance condition of each device, in addition to the relevant NOx control technologies for those tools that should be changed. In most circumstances, this method will allow numerous devices to be tested in eventually as well as provide the needed functional data the engineer should properly evaluate the prospective NOx control modern technologies.

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